03 June 2007

Get Some Culture

I went to a concert with my dad last night, which is almost funny in itself. Mum bought tickets to this concert ages ago, but found out later it clashed with a retreat she was helping run up in the hills this week. So I got to sub in, which was awesome for me because the concert happened to be the music of Queen, as performed by the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra.

It was a bit of a fancy show, not to mention 12 degrees outside, so I had my nice trousers and jacket on, feeling very … hmmm. Dad suggested we should get some dinner on Hindley Street before the show. I assumed we'd grab something in a cafĂ© or something. But no, we ended up in McDonalds. Dad secretly loves junk food, but can only get it when Mum's not around to tell him off.

So there I was, all dressed up like a southerner, sitting with my father in McDonalds surrounded by a horde of 14 year old emos with a ticket in my pocket to hear the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra play Queen's greatest hits. I had to laugh at myself. Aussie culture for the win.

The concert, by the way, was awesome. There were seven vocalists, drums, keys, bass guitar and, obviously, a fairly mad lead guitarist, all backed up by a full symphony orchestra. "Bohemian Rhapsody" has never sounded bigger, and "The Show Must Go On" with a full strings section was amazing. You haven't lived 'til you've watched a classical conductor conduct a big rock finish. I was still singing my favourite Queen song on the way out of the theatre:

"Save me, save me, save me.
I can't face this life alone.
Save me, save me, save me.
I'm naked and I'm…"

Far from home

Garry with 2 Rs

P.S. I feel I should point out that that is actually my favourite Queen song; I didn't just say that because it fit my little blog signature. That was just a happy coincidence.

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