27 June 2007

Technical Support

I *on't go much for flagrant generalisations, but all computer repair people are *umb.Yester*ay I broke my computer. No, I actually broke it. The "*" key came right off the stupi* thing. I *i* my best to replace it myself, but being nought but a humble stunt linguist (okay… not that humble) I was force* to accept *efeat after about half an hour. So I packe* my laptop into its trusty carry case an* took it to visit the experts.

After visiting four central A*elai*e (there's that wor* again…) businesses, all of which a*vertise* themselves as computer repair shops, I ha* no luck. Apparently the problem was too complicate*. Outsi*e their particular *esignate* area. One guy actually ha* the integrity to a*mit that he just *i*n't know how to fix it. One simple plastic square with a '*' on it. I shoul*n't be too harsh. I coul*n't fix it either. But then I *on't have a sign in my win*ow a*vertising a computer repair service.

Now I accept that my computer is a *ell, an* therefore the usual rules of logic (an* in some cases physics) *o not necessarily apply when it comes to getting the thing service*. But these guys actually gave me the impression that I was somehow insulting them by even suggesting they look at it. They weren't even going to *o me the courtesy of figuring out if they coul* help at all.

I can't claim any sort of superior un*erstan*ing of how these things work, but it really *oesn't seem that complex to me. If I ha* corrupte* my C *rive, or over-heate* my vi*eo car*, or spille* mountain *ew in the C* burner I woul* have a little more sympathy, an* woul* refrain from referring to these people with wor*s such as 'lazy', 'unhelpful' or even 'useless'. But after the performance yester*ay morning over one stupi* piece of plastic, I've *eci*e* to use them after all, an* a** 'funny-looking' for goo* measure. With that in min*, if you're looking for goo* computer repair service in A*elai*e, I have of list of businesses not to use. I was going to publish it here, but my journalism *egree alarm went off an* I realise* it woul* probably be classe* as *efamation, particularly as I've referre* to them as 'funny-looking'.

If you're worrie* for my technological well being, you may take heart, as I manage* to fix it myself. I super-glue* the thing back on. It's still *rying…

Far from home

Garry with 2 Rs
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