20 November 2009

Redirecting to something a little more relevant

Alright, alright. Enough useless chatter about what is and isn’t available in metropolitan menswear departments. Sorry about that. Not really sure what went wrong in my brain there. Fashion commentary? Really?

On with the real issues for the month; I’m back in Darwin! I’ve been working full time here for two weeks now, and I’m just about reacclimatized to the build-up conditions. I’ve done away with my filthy South Australian driver’s licence and got myself a shiny new NT one. I’ve changed most of my important contact details over to my new address in Woodroffe. I’m becoming all too familiar with the bus service schedule as it pertains to getting me from my house to work every morning (more on that later).

Yeah… I guess that’s why I’ve put off blogging about getting back into the swing of things up here. It’s not actually that exciting compared with writing up a description of a new European city every three days. Nonetheless, I did promise some of you that I would keep this up with details of my new adventures in the Top End. And just as soon as I start getting paid, thereby slightly alleviating my current social paralysis, I’m going to get straight onto cooking up some adventures to write about.

In the mean time, I’m fascinated by a new feature Google have added to the blog interface. Up the top along the menu bar there’s a button that says “next blog”. It’s always been there, but they’ve just suped (Sooped? Souped?) it up so that now instead of just picking someone’s blog at random from the (probably) tens of thousands on this server, it now uses automatic content analysis to send you to one it thinks might be on a related topic. I’m not sure how it figures out what the general theme of FFH is. Actually, I’m not sure I could tell you either, other than to say it’s broadly about me and stuff I get up to. I don’t know how many other blogs about me there are out there, but now we can all find out with just the push of a button. With any luck, it will be able to redirect you to something a little more relevant to … basically everything in the universe.

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