07 July 2010

The On-Coming Storm

A few posts ago I mentioned an unshakable feeling that there was a lifestyle change coming, but that I wasn’t quite sure what it was. Now, I’d like to pretend I had some sort of premonition regarding the ascension of Prime Minister Gillard, or that I could offer some reason as to why it’s currently raining in Darwin in July. And given the lack of specific details in my posts, I think I could probably get away with it. Whether or not I could convince anyone that I was for real is another matter entirely.

What I have just undergone is a lifestyle change of a geographic nature: I’ve moved out of the unit in Palmerston to make way for my landlord’s sister. I’m now living with two randoms from an internet ad. in a three bedroom unit in Coconut Grove. It’s much closer to work, church and pretty much everything except my cricket club, which I chose based entirely on how convenient it was while I was living in Palmerston. Ironic? Yes. Problematic? Not really, so in the overall scheme of things the whole situation is basically a win.

A win that is, in hind sight. In the middle of it, attempting to work full time, act part time, have a cold and move house all during the same week was, on the balance of it, not a my best idea ever. Consequently my new and exciting life in the Grove seems to be positively pedestrian by comparison. Not to worry. I'll soon find some way to throw things out of control again.

Now that Midsummers is done, my next trick is to get moving on a short film to be shot on location in Darwin. And one of these days I really am going to sit down and get some serious writing done. Probably straight after I get over spamming out self-indulgent rubbish on my blog all the time.

Garry with 2 Rs
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