18 November 2011

Backstage at the Capitol

A few posts ago, back when Cum Tacent Clament was still called Far From Home, I wrote a post about the entirely different social universe inhabited by bass players, especially when compared with the rather anti-social one in which we pianists typically operate. Three and a half years later, while I was in Perth this week for Dan's Wedding, the father of the bride-to-be asked me the following question:

"Why do all the girls go and talk to the keyboard player after the show?"

I answered with "Are they lost?" FOTBTB thought that answer was amusing enough that he didn't bother with the officially sanctioned punch line.

But never mind me. On Thursday night I found myself once again backstage after a Six60 concert. Six60 are getting bigger and bigger and filled the Capitol Theatre in Perth with only slightly less effort than it would have taken Chris to get his ridiculous rock-and-roll fringe to sit just right. Admittedly, the entire house was packed wall to wall with New Zealanders (and two Aussies) but that is no reason to think any less of them. Indeed, there is a growing trend among the more liberal sections of the artistic community to treat New Zealanders as legitimate people in their own right. And when you think about it, in a way they sort of are.

Where was I? Yes - backstage at the Capitol with Dan, congratulating Chris on another great show.

Gw2Rs: So listen, I need you to do me a favour.
Interrupting Drunk Kiwi Girl 1: Oh My God! You guys are awesome! And so famous! Can I get a picture?
Chris: Sure.

Pose, flash, hug.

Chris: So what do you need?
IDKG2: (Butts in and whispers something in Chris' ear)
Chris: I'm actually married. Sorry.
IDKG2: Oh (wanders off to find the drummer)
Gw2Rs: I promised Hannah I'd get her a CD, but your merchandise guy isn't selling any.
IDKG3: Oh my God! Are you in the band?
Chris: Yes I am.
IDKG3: Oh my God! Are you his brother?
Gw2Rs: ... Yes I am.
IDKG3: Oh my God I knew it! You have the same fringe.
Gw2Rs: ... ?

Pose flash hug.

Chris: You should get a photo with Garry and Dan too. They're very good looking young men.
IDKG3: Oh my God!

Pose flash hug.

Gw2Rs: ... ?!

This went on for quite some time. Eventually it came to light that there were no CDs on sale because the tour manager had left them at the airport. A couple of IDKGs later, Dan and I had to leave to get Dan's car out of the carpark before it shut and to let Chris get a couple of hours' rest before his early morning flight to Melbourne to do it all again.

As jealous as I so often am of the high achievements of many of my friends, I still think it's just as well that it's Chris and not me. That kind of lifestyle would probably destroy me in fairly short order, so I think Samantha and I will keep doing our thing over here away from the bright lights for now. I'll leave the rock and roll lifestyle for the happily married church pastors.

Make of that what you will.

Garry with 2 Rs

To ask for the bass player's phone number.
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