30 April 2012

Ok Chorale

So I’ve joined the Darwin Chorale.

It’s something that I’ve always managed to avoid doing, though to be honest I’m not really sure why, given that I enjoy singing in choirs. I think most of the problem is that until recently I’d never heard the Chorale sing anything that I could really get excited about. Last year they did a great all singing all dancing show full of the twentieth century’s greatest love songs.

I hate love songs.

Meanwhile, I’ve been getting my choral fixes by tagging along with the local Operatunity company. And as far as my ability to spend extended amounts of time in a room with an entire section of sopranos goes, that has been quite enough, thank you very much. Occasionally those of the Operatunity fold who were also in the Chorale (that is, most of them) would remark more loudly than was necessary about how much they were enjoying the rehearsals for the Chorale’s latest project, and how they wish they could find more tenors. This would be backed up by a meaningful glance in my direction, and followed by a stealth retreat and exit-left on my part. And so an unstable but mutual understanding has developed between the Chorale and me: They don’t bug me and I don’t bug them.

That is, until now.

Operatunity aren’t doing a show this year. And the Chorale are doing a fun show in June, which will be a review of all the best bits from Broadway shows. The usual plea for more men went out, only this time in more earnest. I got a personal phone call from the musical director, which was weird, but nice. So I went along to one rehearsal to check it out. I had kind of thought that joining a choir the size and reputation of the Darwin Chorale, even in Darwin, I might at last have the chance to sing with a decent sized tenor section.

Not so much. I discovered quickly that when they called me up to say they were desperate for tenors, they meant it. We had three on my first night there. I was ready to walk out in disgust. Then they pulled a clever political manoeuvre by offering me a solo, which I decided was too much fun to reject.

So now I’m in the Chorale. And I have to learn a part for an ensemble with proper singers. And a duet with a soprano. And I’m freaking out a bit.

Make of that what you will.

Garry with 2 Rs
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