03 June 2013

A Month of Crazy: Surprise!

For quite some time now, June has been shaping up as a month of madness. There’s the usual Comedy and One Body to deal with, plus a trip to Sydney, a potential trip to Malaysia, a mumbleth birthday to negotiate including a visit from my extended family and a new job to find. On Friday the 31st of May, I sat in my room staring down a list of upcoming events, grateful for the chance to get a rare decent rest before crashing face first into June.

At ten past one on Saturday morning there was a knock on my bedroom door. Bleary eyed, I wondered what on earth my housemates could possibly want at this hour. I opened my door to find Kim standing in my flat, and not holidaying in the Blue Mountains as she had told me. It was a very nice surprise, and a good reminder that June had arrived, albeit only for an hour, and things were already getting crazy.

So this week I've already had One Body, which went well, and I've still got Happy Yess Comedy to come on Thursday, before I head for Sydney for the regular scheduled, not-so surprising visit we've been planning for a  while. Maybe after that thigns will settle down a bit.

I doubt it

Garry with 2 Rs
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