10 March 2007

C is for Celta

C is also for conflagulate. Or it would be if conflagulate was a word.

Well, I've been on my CELTA course for a week now and it's been fairly full on. We'd only been there for a day and they were already throwing us in the deep end, asking us to lead classes of students. It's fairly crazy during the first week, feeling like you have no idea what's going on (mainly because you don't) but having to try to bluff or crash your way through a half hour lesson with students you've never met before. Ah well… fake it 'til you make it, as they say.

There again, they also say you should never mix busines with pleasure. However, that would make all official transactions extremely unpleasurable. They say that the 60s fashions are coming back. They say that life is simply a series of challenges. They say you should get at least 10 hours of sleep a night. Who are these people? And why do they have so much to say?
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